About me

Who am I?

My name is Alan Hazelden. I'm a programmer and independent game developer living in Coventry, England. But you probably shouldn't rely on this page for information about me, I never update it.

I studied Computer Science at Warwick University from 2005 to 2009. There I became involved with Warwick Game Design, a student game development society.

I am a competent juggler.

Notable projects:

2012-2013: Sokobond: an elegant puzzle game about chemistry.

2010-2011: These Robotic Hearts of Mine: a narrative-based puzzle game.

2009-2010: Xcruciate: an all-XML virtual machine for developing real-time applications written in XSLT (and other languages). I was working on a freelance basis developing the next iteration of the technology.

2008-2009: Large Polygon Collider: a 2D and 3D physics engine, created for my fourth year group project. I led the development team of five people as project manager, API designer and lead programmer.

2004-2007: ezConvert: a script for phpBB 2 for importing posts and users from ezBoard message boards. Since ezBoard do not provide database access, this involves spidering the original message board and extracting the post details from the (fairly horrible) HTML.

2004-2005: Lord of the Hoops: a parody of Lord of the Rings, filmed by a group of my friends. I play Frodo.

2003-present: Zelda Infinite: I am/was the technical admin, responsible for maintaining the website and forum. Current responsibilities are limited to doing something crazy every April 1.

I must know more!

You can contact me via email at: alan at [this domain]. My CV is available here.